Start times - Eldon, Consett and Dunston
16 Sep 2019

Please note that Eldon Leisure, Consett and Dunston have strict curfews on match finish times (9:00pm at Eldon, 9:30pm at Consett and 10:00pm at Dunston).

Therefore could teams playing at these venues please ensure that they are ready to play at the designated start times of 6:45pm at Eldon, 7:00pm at Consett (7:15pm for Consett 4), and 7:30pm at Dunston.

Provided that the away team is ready to start and follow on promptly, then any matches left unfinished at the curfew must be conceded by the home team.

Also a reminder that Dunston teams can't offer post-match refreshments to players under 18 years old.