League Rules 2018/19
06 Jul 2018

The updated League Rules for 2018/19 were approved by the Committee following the AGM. They are available via the Rules link under 'General' on the homepage.

Please familiarise yourselves with the rule updates, which are:

1. Inclusion of the Summer League fixture change procedures in the rules (rules 3.3 and 3.4).

2. Explanation of the procedure for agreeing revised fixture dates following "exceptional circumstances" postponements (rule 3.5).

3. Allowance for players to play for more than one team on Cup Finals day, should this situation arise (rule 5.6).

4. Explanation that the ties of players who are ineligible or who play out of order and all those below will be conceded (rule 6.5).

5. Clarification of the normal Ladies' League promotion and relegation procedure (rule 8.2)

In response to the proposals raised at the AGM, the Committee have decided that there should be no changes to rule 3.6 (all Men's Premier fixtures to be played on Thursdays) or rule 6.6 (scoring system).

John Thompson (League Secretary)